"Some of what I say tonight may have been reformatted to fit your sense of humor."

—address to Wisconsin Association for Systems Management.

There are words for that...
technology background

Public Speaking

After a series of Myers Briggs tests, Barbara was judged an introvert, best left alone in a cave to stew in her own juices. After winning a series of Toastmasters International humorous speech competitions — much to her own surprise — Barbara was judged a potential comedian. With this determination, Barbara has taken her natural German sense of humor to new heights — not to mention an embarrassment of stages. She regularly performs standup comedy throughout the Puget Sound area, and also travels to conferences from Atlanta to Portland, Oregon, to deliver her personal story, a basket of motivation, and a spoonful (or two) of humor. Most recently she has added speaking engagements to talk about her successful weight management that helped her drop more than 150 pounds.

In 2007, Barbara appeared on National Lampoon Radio's Comedy Countdown with Kent Emmons, and in 2009, Barbara performed on "Out for Laughs," a television show filmed in Vancouver, BC, and aired on the OUT-TV cable channel in Canada.

Here are some examples of speeches written and delivered by Barbara Sehr

Counting My Blessings from Zero to One
An address to the Wisconsin Association for Systems Management, on Barbara's unique perspective as an accidental tourist in the high tech world. A funny look at her experiences with the dawning of the PC Age, and encounters with some of industry pioneers. Delivered December 2001 at the Wisconsin Association for Systems Management in Milwaukee.

I'm a Loser
Barbara won her first-ever Toastmasters International Speech competition with this recount of her unrequited love affair with the "devil marshmallow." Her speech carried her through the Humorous Speech Competition all the way to the District finals. Delivered November 2, 2000.

Diminished Capacity
Barbara's most recent weight loss effort led her on another humorous storytelling adventure recounting the struggle of losing 100 pounds or more for the fourth and hopefully final time. Delivered to a special Toastmasters event, March 2011.