"More than four months after the storm, widespread devastation is everywhere you look."
There are words for that...

Creative Writing

technology backgroundBy definition, journalism is “just the facts.” Reporting means “All the news that’s fit to print.”Creativity is saved for the novel manuscript or the movie script. Barbara Sehr can tell the facts straight forward, or tell a story fit to print. She has authored a pair of dry computer books, and hundreds of opinionated articles that moisten the intellectual curiosity.

She currently blogs for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a former print newspaper that now lives entirely on the Internet. She has created electronic newsletters for the artistic community that surrounds Getty Images worldwide, and print newsletters for the Society for Technical Communicators. Barbara created the original political humor site for the Mining Company that is now known as About.com. She has blogged for YES! Magazine about her travel to New Orleans and Mississippi immediately after hurricane Katrina. She gave readers of Advertising Age a close-up of developments in the battle for morning readers among Seattle newspapers.

Here is some of her featured creative work:

YES! Magazine

New Orleans Forgotten

As the wrath of Katrina leaves large areas of low-income New Orleans in shambles, displaced residents express their outrage to federal government officials that have come to listen.

Published in YES! Magazine Online, December 2005.

Vegie Bus Delivers Sister City Love

Volunteers from Port Townsend, Washington swooped down on its fellow artistic community of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi just days after the city was ripped apart by the eye of Hurricane Katrina. Volunteers traveled with relief supplies on a school bus powered by vegetable oil.

Published in YES! Magazine Online, February 2006.

Seattle PI Blog

Who Will be America's New Anti-Idol?

In “the longest 40 minutes of my life,” Barack Hussein Obama demonstrated how a Muslim-Christian, peace-loving warmonger, corporate aocialist could deal with someone violently opposed to his daughters’ freedom to experience “Bieber Fever.” Osama bin Laden was dispatched to a burial at sea — not with the “shock and awe” of a mighty military machine, but with a single bullet that will interrupt his vision for America.

Published in Seattlepi.com, May 2011.

Hacking the Journalism Ethic

Journalism has changed quite a bit from my time as cub reporter on the Los Angeles-Herald Examiner. So much has changed since those early days when I was a cub crime reporter at the dearly departed Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.We didn’t have computers, cell phones, or even voice mail. Telephones were typically answered byhumans. But we had ethics —lots of them. We also had lots of folks looking over our shoulder — including our readers.

Published inSeattlepi.com, July 2011..

Advertising Age

Battle for Readers Erupts North, South of Seattle

Seattle was once a two-newspaper town. In 1999, the evening paper, the Seattle Times, started publishing in the AM, as direct competition for the struggling Seattle PI. The result was ultimately, the end of the PI as we knew it.

Published in Advertising Age, April, 1999